Tapestry Belly Dance NC

                  The Art Of Belly Dance with Amara Al Amir 


Thank you so much for taking the time to produce and distribute your wonderful videos. After viewing the first 4 I purchased, I liked them so much I had to come back for more. The performance videos are great! They show a diverse range of styling and venues. Aside from the pure enjoyment of watching talented dancers, I've also learned a great deal from watching these.Your instructional and workshop videos provide a great amount of detail, instruction and explanation. My favorites are the Integrating & Layering Shimmies & Vibrations and the Cane Technique A-Z Workshops. They both pack a TON of information into 2 hours.You're an AWESOME lady and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!...Jami Chance

I found your videos and DVD's very informative with respect to a teaching value, putting together choreographies and costume ideas. They contain a wealth of information for teachers and students of the dance no matter what level. Thank you Amara...Marily (Ma'isha) Saint John, New Brunswich, Canada (Journey Along the Nile Vol 1 &@, Mosaic Vol 1 &@, Raks Al Asaya Vol 1 & 2)

" It is a really good instructional video. You don't just show a step and move on to something else, you go over it and explain it, and I like that you are up on a platform in front of a mirror. You come across as being warm and friendly, not aloof and that makes a big difference to students. You want the dancers to learn and it shows. I also liked the performance you did, it gave me encouragement, Thank you"...Deborah McDuffle, Montclair, NJ (Shimmies & Vibrations Workshop & Video) 

"I’ve loved your videos. They really are wonderful and have such a diverse assortment of artwork! Helpful in every way! I think that for dancers who would like to learn about folkoric styles, your products have incredible teaching value! "... Gina Capossela (Journey Along The Nile Volume 1 & 2, Mosaic Volume , Raks Al Asaya Vol 1 & 2)

I'm very thankful to have met you, been to your workshop, and have some of your DVDs...Jessica, Sameera Sheerah